About Me


My name is Simrita and I am from New Delhi, India. 

I have always felt that the Modern science is limited and restricted to our physical senses only .

 It has led us away from our roots, and made us scoff at all the ancient wisdom of our sages.

I started reading about Astrology and other ancient texts in my early teens only to find answers to our existence, sufferings and blessings in this life. 


It was at my early 20s I realised the innate desire to help people and be a guiding source in their life.

Therefore,  after completing my Graduation In Interiors And Architecture, I directed myself towards professionally persuing Vedic Sciences from Institute Of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan after almost 5 years of self-study and research. I also attended workshops on other healing techniques like reiki and aura cleansing.

And so my journey continues, as a student I will continue to investigate and learn all my life.

The focus of my work is in assisting my clients in discovering and living their true potential, thereby aligning their vibrations in harmony to the universe. 

 I try to foster a powerful journey of self-discovery for my clients, shedding light on their gifts and  strengthening any weaknesses in order to transform them into their potential and power. 

As a Counseling Astrologer and a Vastu Expert, I wish to share my gift worldwide so that the human beings start to vibrate better, attract better and accept the challenges thrown at them in order to create a peaceful existence.

Remedial recommendations are often made to bring my clients to a greater state of harmony. 

The key is to the consciously use astrology in self-acceptance through the understanding of unique karmic blueprints of our stars. 

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