Planet Venus in Astrology

Venus also known as “Shukra” in Hindi governs pleasures and love we get in this life. It is the planet beauty , luxury and comforts.
In Vedic astrology, there is a dasha or planetary period known as Shukra Dasha which remains active in a person’s horoscope for 20 years.
It is known as the Goddess of Love in western astrology.
It governs two signs namely
Taurus and Libra.
Venus also represents our wife or the females we associate with in our life if you are a female.
It is also the significator of your married life and also father as Venus is also the Karaka of semen in astrology.
It’s related to the beauty, fame,
Glamour and art. The fashion industry is Venus .
It is exalted in Pisces, and in its fall in Virgo. The planets Mercury and Saturn are considered friendly to Shukra, the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter are hostile, and the rest are considered neutral
Venus in the first house of the horoscope makes the native very beautiful and loving if it is in unafflicted.
It represents genital organs and specially represents the reproductive organs of a woman’s body.
It represents south-eastern direction. Diamond is the gem of destiny for Venus.
Beej mantra of Venus
”Om Dram Dreem Droma Shukraya Namah”
Chant this mantra repeatedly for 6000 times.
The day governed by Venus is Friday. So anytime Venus is afflicted in your birth chart donations like Ghee , camphor , sugar , white clothes can be donated .
It is known as the guru of the asuras.
Shukra, in the Purans, is blessed by Shiva with Sanjeevni Vidhya after worshipping and impressing Shiva with his Bhakti towards Shiva.
Sanjeevni Vidhya is the knowledge that raises the dead back to life which he used time to time and brought back his disciples Asuras back to life.
Guru shukracharya is a demon teacher but very good in nature.
If Venus is strong in your horoscope and conjoined with other planets, you can enjoy the good company of opposite sex. Your married life will be good and full of all kinds of comforts. You may get married early. You would be able to maintain the harmony with everyone.
However, an excessive influence can cause them to indulge too much in the pleasures of life without accomplishing much of real worth.
Afflicted Venus may not provide you timely marriage and there may be obstacles in married life. There may be obstacles in giving birth to a child. It may destroy the harmonical relations. It is karak planet for marriage, hence this area would be much affected.
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The Inner Solar System Chakras

I would always question initially how can these planets can effect us.
But as I grew up I discovered that I felt more emotionally charged around the full moons time .

We all know the tidal phenomena that occurs in the water bodies because of the magnetic pull of the moon during full moons.
This made me believe that the planetary bodies do have some energy that affect the earth. Earth is 70% water and so are we, made up  of 70% water element.
So here i am going to write about about how the planetary bodies and their movements impact not only the earth but our physical bodies and emotions too.
The planets generate electromagnetic radiation that affect the earth and also our human body.
We can use the knowledge of the Chakras to transform and heal our lives,
The CHAKRAS, they hold so much promise for healing, peace and spiritual growth!
We have 7 chakras in your body . These seven chakras are the energy store house of our body. These are the energy centers that run from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.
They have the ability to absorb energy from outside and help in healthy functioning of our mind and body .
These are like gas stations of our body which pick up on the electromagnetic vibrations of various planets.

Each chakra is related to a planet or more in astrology. When we say a planet is weak in your chart or is not strong in your chart doesn’t make it weak in actuality.

It weakens the chakra related to it within your body which makes the absorption of those electromagnetic energies difficult for you and get the blessings of that particular planet in your life.
Chakras have to be balanced and aligned in order for happiness and good health.

The seven chakras are

•       Mooladhara (The Root Chakra)
•       Swadhisthana (The Sacral Chakra)
•       Manipura (The Solar Plexus Chakra)
•       Anahata (The Heart Chakra)
•       Vishuddha (The Throat Chakra)
•       Agnya (The Third Eye Chakra)
•       Sahasrara (The Crown Chakra)

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Saturn Retrograde 2020

The majestic Saturn is the planet of karma, justification and responsibility.

SATURN will give you a reality check , the harsh way. Its role varies from teaching you a lesson you were too proud to learn on your own .

Saturn turning retrograde from 11th May 2020 till September 28th, 2020

Are we being responsible enough ?

Are we restricted too much in some area of life?

Or are we need certain restrictions in some area for it to function well?

It is time for intense social & political changes.

Saturn wants us to redraw our boundaries in this retrograde.

If you took your responsibility at work too lightly you may realise that you can lose that job now during the retrograde , now you will be made to work harder in order to sustain that job .

And If you have already worked hard and didn’t recieve any promotion here is the time..

Saturn is gonna reward you with that promotion when it goes Direct in September.

Where the work needs to be done depends upon the individual chart of everyone could be a job , relationship, health , etc.

Saturn is the Planet of karma. Now is the time we get results for what we have sown

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Venus Goes Retrograde 2020

Venus becomes Retrograde On May 13, 2020, Wednesday at 12:14 PM

Venus goes direct On June 25, 2020, Thursday at 12:17 PM IST

The planet of love Venus is turning retrograde in the sign of Taurus.

Are you mishandling your finances ?

Make changes in the way you earn and spend your money!

Are you being valued in your relationships?

Do you feel secure and comfortable ? How have your finances evolved? How have your relationships brought you Security and comfort?

With Venus retrograde, you will have the opportunity to step back and reassess everything, from your value to your definition of pleasure.

Your relationships could go through a testing period now , but only for the greater good.

Either it will fall apart or you shall make all the necessary changes required for it to function better in the long run.

It is Best Time to Pay attention to the shortcomings in your love life.

Revisit, Reflect and review the way you love and behave in your relationships

Most people can feel lack of from their respective partner and also tend to make silly decisions related to the matters of love .

Rather, you should analyse all the things that you have ignored earlier .

Refrain from making any permanent decisions related to your love life before the Venus turns direct .

It is definitely not a good time to invest in anything new related to beauty as of now .

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