Saturn Retrograde 2020

The majestic Saturn is the planet of karma, justification and responsibility.

SATURN will give you a reality check , the harsh way. Its role varies from teaching you a lesson you were too proud to learn on your own .

Saturn turning retrograde from 11th May 2020 till September 28th, 2020

Are we being responsible enough ?

Are we restricted too much in some area of life?

Or are we need certain restrictions in some area for it to function well?

It is time for intense social & political changes.

Saturn wants us to redraw our boundaries in this retrograde.

If you took your responsibility at work too lightly you may realise that you can lose that job now during the retrograde , now you will be made to work harder in order to sustain that job .

And If you have already worked hard and didn’t recieve any promotion here is the time..

Saturn is gonna reward you with that promotion when it goes Direct in September.

Where the work needs to be done depends upon the individual chart of everyone could be a job , relationship, health , etc.

Saturn is the Planet of karma. Now is the time we get results for what we have sown

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Venus Goes Retrograde 2020

Venus becomes Retrograde On May 13, 2020, Wednesday at 12:14 PM

Venus goes direct On June 25, 2020, Thursday at 12:17 PM IST

The planet of love Venus is turning retrograde in the sign of Taurus.

Are you mishandling your finances ?

Make changes in the way you earn and spend your money!

Are you being valued in your relationships?

Do you feel secure and comfortable ? How have your finances evolved? How have your relationships brought you Security and comfort?

With Venus retrograde, you will have the opportunity to step back and reassess everything, from your value to your definition of pleasure.

Your relationships could go through a testing period now , but only for the greater good.

Either it will fall apart or you shall make all the necessary changes required for it to function better in the long run.

It is Best Time to Pay attention to the shortcomings in your love life.

Revisit, Reflect and review the way you love and behave in your relationships

Most people can feel lack of from their respective partner and also tend to make silly decisions related to the matters of love .

Rather, you should analyse all the things that you have ignored earlier .

Refrain from making any permanent decisions related to your love life before the Venus turns direct .

It is definitely not a good time to invest in anything new related to beauty as of now .

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