Complete Chart Analysis

The Day an Individual Takes Birth, His/ Her Karmic Life Map Also Referred to As Fate/ Destiny by Many, Comes Into Force. This Karmic Life Map Is the Sum Total of All Milestones Going to Occur in An Individual’s Lifetime. This Map Includes but Is Not Limited to Moments of Happiness and Despair, Phases of Luxury and Poverty, Supreme Strength and Diseases, Periods of Power as Well as Humiliation, Focussed Mind and Anxiety, Experience of Love as Well as Failure in Relationships Etc. Know how All of Your Planets in Your Chart Operate. the Planetary Placements and How They Affect You .

They Will Reveal to Your Personal and Psychological Make-Up and Dynamics. You Will Also Be Able to Know Your Life’s Path and Direction Your Strong and Weak Points, Gifts and Talents, and Challenges and Lessons Your Lunar Phase (your Overall Way of Seeing and Doing Things) I Will Also Provide You with The Effects of Ongoing Dasha Periods of Your Chart the Dasha and Bukti System Provides a System to Predict the Quality and Even the Events of Your Life in Particular Periods that Planets Influence the Most. Each Dasha or Major Planetary Time Period Is Controlled by One Planet and Dasha Is Further Subdivided Into Minor Planetary Periods Called Bukti.

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