Your childhood, It often contributes to the construction your belief system – on how a relationship should be and what it should look like.

For example having a parent that smokes/drinks; smoking/drinking becomes normalized and may influence your decision to smoke/drink. Or, you may dislike that your parent smokes and swear off it.

If you have grown up with an emotionally unavailable father , your subconscious mind has either accepted that experience making it as your own , where you adapt to his behaviour subconsciously in future or you can completely put it off and be over protective and much more available for your children !

 It really depends on your lived experience and how it affects the formation of your beliefs.

Sometimes Parents can become distracted by their own insecurity and, without realizing it, act in ways that are either overbearing or disregarding of their kids.

This can seriously harm the roots of your self worth which were supposed to be built in your childhood.

Everything comes back . Your childhood experiences effect the choices you make in your future relationships.

Those who do have a prior history of abuse and who might find themselves in repetitive abusive cycles!

 When we experience interpersonal trauma, whether physical, emotional, sexual or spiritual, we often lose our sense of self.  The abuse becomes part of our story and is deeply internalized.

We often do not realize that the relationships we are in are abusive, especially if we grew up in dysfunctional families!

Unhealed childhood trauma Manifests as :

Attracting Narcissistic/ Emotionally unavailable partners

Fixing others

Over giving

People pleasing

Living on high alert

CO Dependency

Tolerating Abusive Behaviours

Difficulty Setting boundary

Saying Yes Even when you want to say No

Sometimes we have parents who neglected us or were unavailable most of the times, which left us feeling unworthy as children.

We as children felt the need to act in ways where we try to gain their attention , affection and love by various means.

We subconsciously carry this cycle in our adulthood in a way where we tend to be people pleasers in order to seek the validations we have been seeking since childhood.

We tend to be over needy and over clingy in our relationships .

Fearing abandonment , we adapt to whatever our partner or people are putting us through without even voicing our opinion and constantly walking through eggshells in order to be Accepted.

We are subconsciously carrying that fear of abandonment inside us , which leads us into rejecting our own inner needs in order to be acceptable to other person!

We can FOCUS on building an identity that is separate from the abuse.


Break this cycle today, know your worth and no matter how difficult it gets for you never get afraid of the Solitude that comes from Raising Your Standards .