Jupiter Retrograde 2021

Jupiter retrograde is generally associated with philosophical and spiritual introspection and reflection.
Jupiter went Retrograde in the sign of aquarius on 20th June 2021 because of which we may find ourselves questioning our societal values and thinking about how we fit or don’t fit into society.

If you have been running your life or operating under a certain belief system, you may find that this Jupiter Retrograde energy shakes things up a bit, and encourages you to look at things from a different vantage point.

During this period, it is the time when you question your beliefs, values that society organisation imposed upon us and not take everything at face value. Retrograde Jupiter is not favourable for speculation, investments or gambling as chances of winning are less during this period

To direct this energy in a productive way, use this retrograde period to think about how your beliefs and the way you are choosing to see things are coloring the experience of your life.
Perhaps a destructive behavior like greed or addiction is out of control. In this case, Jupiter retrograde will offer a chance to recognize and admit the problem. Things may get so out of control that an intervention or some drastic event must occur to shake you out of your complacency or ignorance.

Once Jupiter stations direct you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be ready to leap ahead toward success and happiness.
Even while retrograde, bountiful Jupiter wants to help you figure out how to grow and change and become the best version of yourself. Use this time wisely — it’s a gift!

Jupiter will retrograde in the sign of Aquarius on June 20, 2021, till September 14, 2021 till it enters in the sign of Capricorn .Jupiter will become direct on October 18, 2021.

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Parenting Or Abuse of Authority?

A bruise should not be the requirement for evidence of parental abuse.

There are many other ways a child can be harmed.

A parent who remains connected with their child, gets to know who their child is as a person, maintains the child’s trust as someone the child knows will help them when they have a problem, the parent may be strict or not but won’t be abusive.

I know a lot of parents who pretty much prevent their teenage daughters from dating or going out late nights. That is strict but not abusive.

This blog explains to all loving parents what dictatorial parenting looks like and how and why it fails to produce godly, happy children.

“Because we’re your parents” can mean a lot of things.

It can mean “we’re total control freaks who want to make sure you only do what we let you do,” or it can mean “we would never forgive ourselves if we let you do this and you got hurt, and we think that you getting hurt in some way is a likely outcome of you doing this, but we know you won’t accept our experience as a good basis for believing that.”

Blind Obedience Is expected from the child to the point the child is expected to worship the parent.

The child is taught at people who don’t comply with the parent’s beliefs are disobedient, rebellious, lacking faith, demons, or enemies of the faith.

Parents will go into Dichotomous Thinking, Dividing people into two parts: those who agree with the parent and those who don’t. The parent makes fun of, belittles, and shows prejudice towards other’s beliefs because they want their child to have the same belief system as them .

They will indulge in Elitism. The parent refuses to associate with people or groups they consider impure or unholy or not matching their standards , even restricts the child to do so.

If the child fails to adhere to their set system they can resort to

▪ Victim Card – When all else fails, parents play the victim card to control behavior.

▪ Gaslighting – Lying about the past to intentionally making a child doubt their memory, perception, and sanity.

▪ Projection – Parents dump their issues onto the child as the child did it.

▪ Twisting – When confronted, parents twist the truth to blame the child for their actions.

▪ Manipulation – Making a child fear the worst such as abandonment or rejection.

▪ The Stare – An intense stare with no feeling behind it.

▪ Silent Treatment – Punishment by ignoring for long periods of time.

▪ Rage – An intense, furious anger that comes out of nowhere, usually over nothing, startling and shocking the child into compliance or silence.

The parents who require Submission Requires that the child completely adopts the parent’s point of view. There is no room for differing opinions or questioning their authority. Name calling, chastising, and the silent treatment are common maneuvers into compliance.

Parents use their spiritual authority as justification for why the child should completely submit to them.

We can get caught up in the title and the authority we have and we let it go to our heads.

Are You Abusing Your “Parent Authority Card”?

Real power is the kind that does not involve threats or violence or manipulations .

That is when you know you are doing the right thing because others follow you out of respect and love not because of threats or violence.

There’s a thin line between being strict and abusive.

A strict parent is trying to help the child learn boundaries, without hurting his sense of self while the abusive parent will try to instil their own belief system, perspective , manipulate their child to look others with theirs perspective, limiting their child to grow , evolve , learn, from his/her own belief system ; stripping away his sense of self.

The more parents focus on what they want for their child and the less they focus on helping their children find safe, respectful, doable ways to explore what they’re curious about, the more damage the parents can do.

The best gift you can give your child is freedom while you take care of them simultaneously; freedom to experience life with their own perceptions and perspective , forming their belief system and a stronger sense of self.

That’s the best gift that I got from my parent, the freedom

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The Divine LOTUS

Lotus flower is a symbol of purity and divinity.

Primarily associated with the gods Vishnu, Brahma and Lakshmi, the flower’s opening petals symbolize spiritual awakening and the expansion of the soul.

The lotus is a flower that emerges from a very vile atmosphere, it usually blooms in muddy waters. However, despite its struggles, the lotus bud emerges from those waters, eventually demonstrating a magnificent bloom. Even after emerging from the mud, it remains unstained!

No wonder it is considered to be the most divine and is only awarded to those of the highest standing.

The lotus flower represents life.

Sometimes, our circumstances are not wonderful. We might find ourselves buried in conflict, hardship, or internal suffering. These conditions do NOT make us any less worthy or beautiful.

The ultimate aim of living beings is to perform its karma without bothering about the external factors, which is signified by Lotus flower.

Just because Goddess Lakshmi is seated on lotus, offering her 108 or 1008 lotus flower won’t help if you remain impure within mind.

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Today, we are going to talk about Mars in the second house.

MARS will aspect 5th , 8th and 9th houses from the second house .

This further has its own consequence depending upon planets in these houses.

Now coming to the topic.

The second house in astrology relates to your teeth , the food you eat , your family and as it is 8th from the 7th house it is also the longevity of your marriage/spouse.

The health of the spouse would be of weak consistency and also the spouse would be prone to surgeries.Therefore this forms a Manglik Dosha in The chart.

The person will be very much money minded and will work towards accumalation of wealth and assets .

As the second house is also about our possessions , the person wouldn’t hesitate to fight for his belongings and his family.

He will be possessive .

The person can have defects in his teeth if the mars is functioning negatively .

Mars is a fiery planet and in the second house of speech it causes the native to use Harsh and abusive language.

This harsh behaviour not only leads to frictions in the married but also effects the finances of the native .

Because not only the native is spoiling his tongue but also damaging his wealth .

Anyone with Mars in the second house should strictly refrain from intake of Tamsik Food items like non veg food items in order for its positive functioning.

They should always maintain their dental health as any harm to the teeth will mean negative mars functioning.

This Mars can also bring wealth /property from in Laws if functioning well.

However the complete analysis depends upon the Sign MARS is placed in , its conjunction and aspects.

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Venus Goes Direct Today 25th June 2020.

Venus goes into retrograde about once every two years for a span of 40 days, during which we’re asked to see the truth in our relationship and our finances, to deal with the darkness, and to face what maybe we normally would prefer not to.

Venus the planet of luxury, finances , love and relationships turns stationary direct today in its own Sign of Taurus , all our confusions related to finances and relationships will slowly start to become clear.

When Venus was retrograde we might have dealt with a lot of turbulence, drama , insecurity and fears related to our finances and relationship.

Venus retrograde asks you to analyze your relationship and financial patterns and understand what habits need breaking in order for their optimum functioning .

As Venus slowly picks up speed in another ten days ,we will be able to make wise decisions in the financial and relationship sector of our life.

Venus was at 27 degrees Taurus when it started its retrograde cycle and it is going to reach the exact same degree on July 28, 2020.

So till this date you will be

working forward to externalise the changes that should be practically made .

You can say good bye to a toxic relationship which wasn’t really working for the best of your self worth , security and comfort


If you decide to stay in an existing relationship , You will realise all the new ways you want to adapt and practically you’ll begin forming the boundaries of new relationship patterns revolving around security and self worth , after all the work you did while this planet was retrograde.

Now you can go ahead with all the beauty treatments, getting a new haircut , pampering yourself therapies which were at a pause when Venus was retrograde.

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