Vastu Consultation

Foundation of Vastu Shastra Is the Concept of The Five Elements. in Vastu Shastra, These Are Known as The Panchabhootas. the Panchabhootas Are What the Entire World Is Made out Of. the Five Elements Are Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space. All the Benefits and Advantages Are Bestowed upon A Person or A House by The Proper Use and Placement of These Five Elements. Vastu Shastra Is the Scientific Study of Directions, Which Aims at Creating Equilibrium by Balancing the Different Elements of Nature and Using Them for The Benefit of Humans. There Is a Great Importance of Vastushastra in Our Life, as It Paves Way for Happiness and Prosperity to Knock Our Doors. Vastu Is Very Rational in The Sense that It Is Based on Scientific Study and Not on Assumptions. Also There Is Surety About Its Permanency, as It Takes Into Consideration the Directions, Which Are Static. Vastu Extracts the Positive Energies of The Five Basic Elements of Nature – the Solar Energy of Sun, Lunar Energy of Moon, Wind Energy, Magnetic Effects of Earth and Heat Energy of Fire, Balancing Them to Bring Harmony in The Life of A Person. in Fact, a Harmonious Life with The Nature Is the Theme of Vastushastra. when There Is an Imbalance Between the Five Chief Elements of Nature, It Turns Into Some Sort of Agitation, Sorrow, Failure, Poor Economic Condition and Many Other Negative Results for A Human Being. Vastu Shastra Comprises of One of The Most Suitable Ways to Overcome Such Problems. It Suggests Ways in Which You Can Live in Agreement with The Laws of Nature, so That You Remain Healthy, Be Peaceful and Work Efficiently.

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